Abbey's "Brags"


-2008/2009 Season

* I earned my first ever placement in NSTRA with Abbey on 10/12/08 in Taloga, OK. Abbey took a 3rd on a very tough day. abbey would go on to place fourth twice in the spring this season.

-2009/2010 Season

* Abbey broke out a little in the fall of 2009 by placing four times and winning the field once. Abbey earned her first win in November at Enid, OK.

"Abbey continued plaing in the spring of 2010 as she placed twice in the first weekend, earning to second placments. I have to go on record here by saying that Abbey had the bird pointed that would have won her the field the first day that weekend, but I must admit to missing the bird on the shot, and Abbey was unable to earn the retrieve points because of it knocking her to second. Abbey ended the spring season nicely by placing once during the Mid West Championship National Trial bringing her points total to 10.

Abbey has recently been sold but will continue to be trialed in the Oklahoma region. I will continue to follow her achievements with interest.