Boggy Creek's Babe


AF# 16115584              Whelped 04/05/08


Babe was whelped 04/05/08. Babe is proving to be an excellent addition to our kennel. She has a very nice pedigree, and is registered with American Field.

Babe began trialing in the Fall of 2009 and earned her first placement in February of 2010. She currently has 10 points towards her NSTRA Championship, and is really becoming a nicer dog each season. Babe has an incredible instinct to hunt and find birds. She is a smaller dog, even for a pointer but covers a lot of ground fast. She is very quick and snappy with her movements, which is something we really look for in our bloodlines. Babe also has a good nose that can keep up with her legs. Babe almost always hits her points hard. She is always staunch and stylish on point, and has a very soft mouth on her retrieve as she retrieves everything to hand. As Babe continues to mature, we really expect her to take off in her trialing career.

As all of our dogs, Babe also hunts many wild birds throughout Oklahoma and Kansas each year. Her drive is impressive. She will hunt as long and as hard as you let her, and she never slows down. She is always hunting just as hard at the end of a hunt as at the beginning. Babe is one of the few dogs that can truly be called an all day bird dog. Babe has a great demeanor as she always enjoys being around other dogs and people. With Babe's lines we expect her to be a big part of our breeding program.

Click here for Babe's Pedigree.