Boggy Creek's Dixieland Kate


Kate passed away unexpectedly this spring. We were extremely disappointed by this event. Kate had developed into an outstanding dog and was going to be an important piece of our program. We have chosen to leave her page up in rememberance of her.

Kate was whelped 06/19/09, and added to our kennel September of the same year. We are very excited about this addition to our kennel. Kate's pedigree is very impressive. Her sire is 4x NSTRA Ch Rockin' G's Uodibar Rusty, and her dam is NSTRA Ch Rockin' G's Dixieland Fritzie. She is also the grandaughter of the late 16x NSTRA CH/3x Nat. CH Crosswind's Truckin' Fritz, and 3x NSTRA Ch Dixieland's Black Magic (The first black and white German Shorthair to earn a field trial Championship). As you can see, we have very good reason to be excited about Kate's potential as a field trial competitor, hunting dog, and a compliment to our lines. You can view Kate's pedigree at the bottom of the page.

Kate has completed her training under Todd and Stacy Anderson at the Anderson Ranch, and she has turned out to be a very nice dog. Kate is a very intelligent dog with an obvious drive to hunt for and find birds. She covers a great deal ground at a very fast pace. She also has shown a strong desire to please, and accepts training easily. She is turning out to be quite a low maintenace dog. Kate has a great nose. She holds her birds with intensity and is very staunch. She is also a very nice retriever, as she retrieves to hand every time.

Kate has been hunted on wild quail throughout Oklahoma and Kansas in the fall of 2010 and her season went very well. She always hunted hard, and found plenty of birds even when being hunted with some very experienced dogs. We expect Kate to be a great addition to our breeding program for years to come.

Click here to view Kate's Pedigree